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Good Night Everyone?: Younger Chiropractic Clinic supports National Bed Month

Good Night Everyone?: Younger Chiropractic Clinic supports National Bed Month We all know and understand how important it is to get a good night’s sleep but what happens when pain gets in the way? ‘How can I improve my quality of sleep’ is a question that is frequently asked of us here at The Chiropractic Clinics and we are happy to support The Sleep Councils National Bed Month bringing you some great advice for helping you achieve a fantastic night’s sleep. The Chiropractic Clinics are happy to support the British Chiropractic Associations Top Tips on getting the best from your bed time. Top tips to avoid back/neck pain in bed How...

Back Pain in Children

A topic recently to hit the media is that of back pain in children. A recent study published looked at the effect of back pack weight on the likelihood of developing back pain. They studied 1403 school children,  Of which, 61.4% had backpacks exceeding 10% of their body weight. They found that those carrying the heaviest backpacks had a 50% higher risk of back pain. This is a common topic at the moment and the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) offers the following advice aimed at preventing back pain in children to preserve the health of their backs now and into the future: ·         Bag it up - if your child has to carry a bag to school - a rucksack is the best...

Posture and Back Pain

In today's modern world we spend more and more time sedentary contributing to poor posture and increased strain on our backs. According to the British Chiropractic Association there has been a significant increase in incidence of poor posture with 56% of the UK population believing they have poor posture and 72% of those questioned having suffered from back pain and nearly a third of those currently suffering.Some of the most problematic postures that I see in clinic include sitting for prolonged periods, use of computers and laptops, lack of exercise, unsupportive mattresses and carrying of heavy bags.Poor posture has a direct affect on the likelihood of us developing pain and...

Consult a Chiropractor for £5

Are you struggling with back or neck pain and not sure who to see or what to do? At The Chiropractic Clinic we offer an opportunity to consult with a Chiropractor at our chester, liverpool, wrexham or wirral clinics for £5 to discuss your symptoms offer advice and recommend treatment if appropriate. Chester 01244 682500 Wirral 0151 6485000 Liverpool 0151 4275000